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Women in the Northeast, or a Re-Enactment of A Christmas Story - There's a fairly ubiquitous college girl outfit in the north east United States. The outfit consists of black yoga pants,… Continue Reading >>
i fuckin love pumpkin pie, back off What I’m Thankful For - As the calendar page flips once more to November, it's time to trot out the list of "what I'm thankful… Continue Reading >>
yeah definitely what my office looks llike Illustrating Tweets: Lizz Winstead & Tweets of Old - I always try to retweet really choice tweets, but I decided to up my game. I created graphics for two… Continue Reading >>
venn diagram notebook - my notes are not this neat Break It Down: Venn Diagram - A Venn diagram was probably one of the first introductions you received to the mathematical field of logic. This particular… Continue Reading >>
yeah definitely what my office looks llike Porpoise of Fruititude: Sketch - I listen to Greg Proops' Smartest Man in the World podcast. It's a bastion of snooty liberalism coupled with tangential… Continue Reading >>
this is bread, not toast, and leaves of unidentified origin An Argument for Raw Toast - Bread is a terrible wedding gift, but pop it in an oven and give an amazing toast.  The debate point… Continue Reading >>
doomsday live there there's no tomorrow, am i rite? Doomsday Prepping: Pack The Bugout Bag! - There's a tiny piece of me that believes the end of the world will be marked by a Zombie outbreak.… Continue Reading >>
Boston is pretty dope or to use a local idiom - my boston accent is wicked awesome Screw – I Love My Boston Accent - "Pahk the cah in Hah-vahd Yahd!" That's a felony, ya dingus. When my brother and I have a few drinks,… Continue Reading >>
hand-me-downs are really junk sometimes Don’t Wring Your Hand[-me-down]s - At least 40% of the items I own are hand-me-downs, and I love it. In Boston, there is something called… Continue Reading >>
who tf is wearing long sleeves at a party 51 Reasons I Can’t Go Out Tonight - If you don't want to, or can't, go out, it's only polite to offer up a reason. Between school, work,… Continue Reading >>
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